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It All Starts

With The Seed

High Quality. Fair Price. Proven Results.

Who We Are

Our unending wish as a company is that each person we interact with, on whatever level, would feel served, satisfied, and blessed in each interaction they have with our company, its employees, and the products we offer.

1. Family owned and operated company since 1963.

2. We offer personal service and a quality product to help you be successful on your farm.

3. Our company and the people you will deal with everyday in our company have a focus on and are committed to regenerative, sustainable agriculture and farming practices.


​To provide top quality seed varieties and products to our customers. To offer these products at a fair price. To offer a high level of professionalism in servicing what we provide. To keep the well-being of our customers a top priority and to diligently do our best for their well-being. To always remember that we are called to be good stewards of what we have been blessed with.

Above all, to honor God and to glorify his son, Jesus Christ, in all that we do. To always be mindful that we and this company are put in this marketplace for a purpose much greater than ourselves and to put that first and foremost in our attitudes and actions.

About Us

Coming Soon:
Our lineup is built on a wide variety of the newest and best hybrids.

Coming Soon: Oats, Barley,
Rye, Hybrid Rye,

Hay Millet, Sorghum,

Forage Peas & Pea Blends

DenBesten Non-GMO Conventional and Organic 
Drought tolerant with high yields. Excellent prices!

Get varietes with proven results. Our alfalfa and clover varieties are selected for success in your rotation.

Coming Soon: Cover crop blends that are
built to work for your farm.

We also carry a full lineup of individual species.

Coming Soon: Get higher yields with lower inputs and great drought tolerance with KWS Hybrid Rye.

Coming Soon:
Hay & Pasture Grass

Tame & Native Grass

Lawn Grass

Coming Soon: Upgrade pheasant and

deer plots with herbicide tolerant sorghum to reduce
weeds and burs.

OUR CATALOG features listings of all current products. CONTACT US for current availability, pricing and additional product information

Wednesday, Sept 6, 3-8 pm

36656 SD Hwy 44, Platte SD

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Welcome to our new website.

This site is still under construction, so some products/pages may not be available yet.
Please view CATALOG for complete listing.

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