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Coming Soon:
Our lineup is built on a wide variety of the newest and best hybrids.

Coming Soon: Oats, Barley,
Rye, Hybrid Rye,

Hay Millet, Sorghum,

Forage Peas & Pea Blends

DenBesten Non-GMO Conventional and Organic 
Drought tolerant with high yields. Excellent prices!

Get varietes with proven results. Our alfalfa and clover varieties are selected for success in your rotation.

Coming Soon: Cover crop blends that are
built to work for your farm.

We also carry a full lineup of individual species.

Coming Soon: Get higher yields with lower inputs and great drought tolerance with KWS Hybrid Rye.

Coming Soon:
Hay & Pasture Grass

Tame & Native Grass

Lawn Grass

Coming Soon: Upgrade pheasant and

deer plots with herbicide tolerant sorghum to reduce
weeds and burs.

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